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B&B in Tuscany

All bed &brekfasts in Italy are submitted to their region’s law. Since there’s no common law concerning the offer, it may vary while moving from north to south or just by arriving in different parts of the year.

Usually a b&b is composed by 3 rooms with maximum 6 beds, is family – run, and is not allowed to cook for you, not having the right licenses for that.

Sometimes b&b, due to the fact that were a normal house once, are found near the city centre, giving you the opportunity of being next to the best part of your trip for a small fee.

Unfortunately, as said before, most of them are not allowed to serve you any kind of cooked food so you won’t be able to taste the wonderful italian cuisine without going out. However, since eating in Italy is amazingly simple, you won’t have to walk a lot before you find a restaurant to satisfy your gluttony.

Tuscany hasn’t been the first region to introduce B&B in Italy, but, due to the incredible amount of foreign tourists requesting this type of accommodation, they began to sprung up in a short time, even with a little touch of the typical italian creativity as for the agritourisms, enhancing an offer for every type of tourist that wanted to visit this beautiful region.

Agritourism is typically a hybrid between the b&b and the organic products based restaurants, where you will find a mixture between wonderful landscape ( most of them can be found in the Maremma region) and traditional food.

Most of them are not cheap but, however what they will offer you will leave you breathless as you will find the true essence of living in Tuscany.