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Low cost hotels

When considering booking an hotel, usually the low cost term gives us chills due to the fact that we imagine some slum’s hotel as seen on tv.

However, usually low cost hotels are not like what we think. In most cases, in fact, low cost hotels are just normal hotels with just primary services. In Italy minimum requirements for an hotel to be open are set by law, since tourism is such a main activity in this country and the government wants to protect it from any kind of gamble.

In Italy, low cost hotels are by far the most selected solution to sum up efficiency, relaxed but first class service, and cheap prices.

Then what do you have to expect from a low cost hotel in Italy? Remember that low cost doesn’t refer automatically to pricement, but instead to a new efficient way of considering your business through technological and energetical upgrades which will lead to a minor production cost and so to a minor price for your customer. Most low cost-considered hotels actually are just plain hotels which use renewable sources of energy or a 0 kms range menu, for example.

In a low cost hotel you won’t find some of the features so common in a 5 stars hotel, but you’ll probably find a a family driven structure with a relaxed and well mannered staff, and since is more common to find a low cost hotel in Italy than a 5 star hotel, you’ll probably end near what is your holiday’s goal, saving you a lot of time and money on public transports.

Another point for a low cost hotel is to have many featured restaurants to recommend you. This example of the typical italian politeness will lead you to a different typical menu every night for just a small walk admiring the beauty of the city by night.