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Pets on holiday

Looking for a relaxing vacation with your furry friends?

Here you will find all the information you need to team up with your beloved pets on holiday.

Sometimes is quite difficult to search for all the restrictions some places apply to pets, however we’re here for you. You’ll probably need a lot of web browsing to find where your dog is free to walk without a leash, your kitten to hunt down his stuffed toys or even the most exclusive place for iguana sunbathing.

A few hints if you’re traveling with your pets on holiday.

Always make it clear that you’re traveling with your pet while booking. Be sure to have a written confirmation from where you’re staying that there will be no problem in hosting your little animal friend.

If you’re traveling through Italy in summer, you must remember that not all beaches allow pets. Sometimes, even if the law should guarantee the presence of pet-friendly spots at least every 40kms, many cities seem to be quite deaf about it and you could be stuck in a place far away from the first tiny bit of sand where paws are free to run.

Otherwise, if your aim is to walk through the wilderness, we suggest to book a so-called farm holiday in one of the many agritourisms that cover the Italian peninsula. Nearly everywhere, you will find that animals are not only accepted but welcome. Your pet will follow you through your exploration desires among the beautiful countryside and will enjoy a succulent dinner for reward. If a cat,he will probably enjoy it after having slept for the entire day.

Last but not least, always to ask for particular diseases that you might find in some countries. While most of them rarely are dangerous for your friends, a quick call to your veterinarian will avoid having a sick pet on holiday. In any case, don’t feed them with raw food, since you will never be able to be sure about its freshness and, when traveling through urban areas, always be sure to have them on a leash or inside an animal carrier.

Longing to know more? Follow us to discover the most amazing places to bring your pets on holiday.