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Tuscany holidays

If you’re willing to book a summer holiday in Tuscany, depending on how much time you will spend, there are many interesting activities you’ll be able to do. Summer in Italy is always one of the most common choices foreign tourists have always taken, and because of this, nearly every hotel or restaurant has at least an English speaking staff.

Tuscany, among the other Italian regions, is surely one of the most selected destinations for holidays in Italy, as it combines both cultural and amusement activities that can be done nearly in every part of the country and the Versilian Coast is by far one of the best places to suit up your needs; it can offer you wonderful beaches and an active nightlife, while being nearby the most famous artistic or natural beauties in the country.

There are many ways to enjoy Tuscany on holiday. Since it has always had an important role in Italian history, Tuscany can be considered as a modern proof of how past can still permeate our life.

So if you are looking for a cultural or historical kind of holiday, many places in Tuscany can sure be considered as your main targets, since they hold treasures dating from the mysterious Etruscan civilization to that magnificent and yet turbulent period called Rinascimento.

After a long walk through Florence, Pisa (with its impossible Leaning Tower) or any other city in the region, you might want to enjoy a delicious meal in one of the typical restaurants that offers the local cuisine and taste one of their renowned dishes with a bottle of premium wine.

A holiday in Tuscany, as it is in every part of Italy, is in fact an opportunity for enjoying the real Italian cooking, famous among the world for its simplicity and its variety, even within a small area.

But Tuscany can offer you more than the previously named ideas for an everlasting memory: you could sunbathe in one of the marvellous sandy or rocky beaches, enjoying the sun on your skin while sipping a slush, or walk through the beautiful landscape that inspired artists like Leonardo or Raffaello, the only important thing is that, for sure, you will spend your summer holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.