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Tuscany hotel

Booking a hotel nowadays has become quite simple. After considering some reviews found on internet, you just check on different websites for the best offer.

When you’re booking in Tuscany, however, things won’t be this simple. First of all, many little hotels don’t have a website. Being run by old people who have done this for their whole life, many new opportunities are not taken just because there’s no one to help them figure out.

Sometimes, even if we live now in a real small world, you can find no english speaking staff, which will give you quite a trouble in booking your staying. Be sure to ask for accepted credit cards if you’re willing to pay by them, it will be really annoying having to find everytime a restaurant or a shop, where your card will be accepted.

If you get through this, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most amazing and good-looking place on Earth, with so many things to see that will take you a whole life to enjoy just a part of it, but to avoid misunderstandings or problems, be sure to book an hotel with an English speaking staff, always available and willing to help you.... like ours.

So, before booking, have clear in your mind what you’ll want to see. Tuscany has so many beauties that will probably require you different holidays to admire them. Don’t do a speed vacation, trying to see everything in a small period. You won’t see anything, always looking at your watch for being late for your next milestone, you’ll get stressed for the whole rushing around and your holiday won’t leave you any positive memory. So take it easy, be aware that seeing everything is impossible, plan your trip carefully, book a hotel near your must see locations and ask its staff for information and directions. They will surely help you saving a lot of time.