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Visit Tuscany and Italy

If you are going to visit Tuscany, you’ll have to know that this is one of the biggest Italian regions and you’ll need to organize your trip to avoid being stuck in traffic for the full period, we recommend you to consider the month of July for your holiday, as you’ll probably find less crowd.

In 2014 nearly 44 million people have visited Tuscany and this, considering the fact that the whole region has nearly 4 million inhabitants gives a hint about the appeal generated by this country.

Tuscany has two major and a lot of minor airports while, if you’re willing to arrive by ship, you’ll probably end in one of the western coast ports.

Once having done the check in you’ll be free to start enjoying your holiday and, depending on your interests, you’ll surely find plenty of things to do and see. Nearly every city in Italy, and particularly in Tuscany, has at least a medioeval church full of paintings made by some of the most important artists worldwide known. While having to pay an entrance fee to admire masterpieces created by Leonardo, Cimabue, Raffaello or other greater artists, you’ll frequently be able to see minor however equally impressive paintings for free.

If instead you’re fond of ancient history, remember that here lived the Etruscan population, one of the most enigmatic civilization to have arose in the whole world. Many necropolises are open for tourists to see, most of them being located in the south western part of the region.

On the other, less cultural however equally noble hand, the whole western coast, from Versilia to Grosseto, is famous for its amazing sea side with both sandy or rocky beaches.

For any further information, or to know everything about our beautiful region and every impossible-to-miss event, feel free to ask our staff , we’ll be happy to help you enjoying your passions.